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Thursday 6th June, Royal Cornwall Show

This is a story of hope.

Hope for the future of Cornwall at a time of opportunity and a time of crisis. Hope for today’s Cornwall, the real Cornwall, for our dreams for how Cornwall can be. It is also a story of people because Cornwall is not just land and sea and sky, it is not just buildings and history, business and beauty, it is people – wherever they were born, wherever they live, whoever they are. This is also a story of homes and the chronic lack of them that is holding Cornwall back, and about how together we must write a better future, for everyone who calls Cornwall home. This is a story of hope because even during the roughest storm or on the dullest day there is blue behind the grey.

Join the Homes for Cornwall collective and like-minded people for an update on the work and positive progress we have made. This event will also see the launch of our book 'Hope for Cornwall'. All those who join us will receive a copy to take away.

Where: Royal Cornwall Show in the CLA tent, opposite the members area

Date & time: Thursday 6th June 11am - 12.30pm

We look forward to welcoming you. Please RSVP to

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