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Hope for Cornwall: A book by Homes for Cornwall

A story of prosperity 

Taken from Hope for Cornwall, a new book published by Homes for Cornwall 

“There’s a million brilliant things you can do in Cornwall.” 

More and different jobs become available, and fewer and fewer people in Cornwall are reliant on poorly paid seasonal work. Traditional industries and new industries thrive, encouraging more businesses to come here, bringing jobs and money and opportunities to Cornwall. 

Young people realise they can have a good education, a good career, a secure home, a good life in Cornwall, and that they have the choice to stay. Young people who leave know they can return, bringing their skills and experience and their families back to Cornwall. 

Fulfilling and decently paid careers are built here and more money is spent here, helping to boost other local businesses. Skilled workers are grown here and can find jobs here. Skilled workers that can’t be homegrown come here from outside, helping Cornwall to function and flourish. 

Businesses invest in Cornwall because it is a great place to do business and somewhere people want to work and live. These newer jobs help rebalance Cornwall’s population. Communities strengthen because all the people they need to thrive can afford to live here. 

The gap between the haves and the have-nots finally narrows. 

This is what happens with enough homes people can afford.

Contact us to find out how you can be involved and get a copy of the book. 

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