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Summer 2023 Update

Since our event last May, Homes for Cornwall and all our volunteers have been working behind the scenes to understand how we can support housing in Cornwall.

Following May 2022 and our event at the wonderful Hall for Cornwall, we have made solid progress and set up the following working groups, all working on different projects. Our ambition is to support more housing delivery, show a vision of future by sharing inspiring schemes that could be in Cornwall, and to inspire others to join us. All of us are determined to create conversations across the county about housing need and ultimately to act as a catalyst for change.

Our Landowners group is exploring how landowners can work to support housing with us and inspiring a group of diverse landowners to become part of the solution to Cornwall’s housing needs. This group also hopes to help ease the process of community land trusts and other not for profit house builders acquiring land for housing.

Lead: Sam Galsworthy.

Our Business group is exploring how businesses can feed into the debate about housing, become involved in supporting Homes for Cornwall and help to deliver the homes for workers that the business community will need in the future if it is to prosper.

Lead: Nicholas Rodda

Our Planning policy group is exploring the planning & wider policy changes that would help to deliver the housing Cornwall needs, now, and in the future.

Lead: Toby Parkins

Our Community group – working on community communication with CALC (Cornwall Association of Local Councils) to help to enable communities understand what their housing needs are and how to deliver them. (We plan to do this by creating a toolbox for community conversations.)

Lead: Allister Young

Our Place – shaping group is working towards the digital publication of open resources for grass roots community groups and local parish and town councils to use when having constructive conversations about ways to support the provision of low cost homes locally. The resources will shine a light on sustainability and building with nature together. We will develop workshop resources that will focus on capturing community and civic aspirations for homes that feel right within a rural context and can be championed by local people. The group will provide resources that pragmatically set out the key factors that inform good design principles, including density, landscape, appearance, type, scale and mass. Suggested model descriptions will be provided for adaptation to enable local communities to shape emerging priorities for homes in future neighbourhood plans, providing positive guidance for the homes that are needed and wanted at a local level.

The Place – shaping group brings together volunteers with architectural, policy, environment and construction experience and welcomes new volunteers.

Lead: Rachael Gaunt

Our Finance group will investigate how any charitable housing pilots/projects can be funded It may have scope to explore the legislative framework and legal vehicles that give the planning system, parishes and landowners the confidence their interests are protected in the long term so any schemes we help to create are on a solid legal framework.

Lead: TBC

Our Marketing group is working on how Homes for Cornwall communicates with Cornwall and the wider world. This group covers website, social media, pubic relations and content creation. We are looking for one or two more marketing professionals to assist for a few hours each month.

Lead: Emma Benney

Our Event group is setting up and planning the delivery of our next Homes for Cornwall event at the end of this year. This group is also organising research to illustrate the current picture of housing in Cornwall. This will include understanding housing needs, what current housing stock we have and the gaps in demand, quality of homes and sustainability of homes. We are aiming to deliver our findings by Autumn 2023, in time for our next Homes for Cornwall event.

Lead: TBC


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